By using AI, the solution removes human biases and delivers an accurate and actionable outcome/score at a zip code or municipal or regional level.

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Municipalities & States Government

Municipalities and Towns Climate Analytics Risk & Resiliency (CARR)

Climate Reporting

Physical Risks

Pinpoint physical risks of climate change – current and future: heatwaves, wildfire, flooding, drought and hurricanes. 

Provide GHG Emissions Inventory (estimated) and emission sources.(EPA)

City-wide and municipal emissions. (CO2 or CO2e (CO2, CH4, N2O). Key areas (blds, transport). 

Assess the relative contribution of Emission Sources (Fossil fuels, Grid-supplied energy) 

Estimate Source Energy Generation –  (Electricity, Local renewable, heat/cold generation, CHP) 

Analyze Social vulnerability in different geographies to analyze ESG outcomes

Focus on social vulnerability ((e.g. poor, elderly, youth, people with chronic disease, unemployed, etc.) and ESG, 

Quantify impacts form land, air and water pollutants. Assess public health impacts. 

Measure Water Stress. Assess water security in municipality or region. 

Waste Disposal

Proximity and access to social services

Climate action plan, if any

State Target Type (base year, base year intensity, baseline scenario, fixed level )

Mitigation strategies and policies

Leverage advanced scientific climate models to investigate climate risk in different geographies now and in the future.

Start planning for long-term impacts (next version)

Asses option in terms of climate preparedness.

Identify a policy or an action with measurable benefits across outcomes: health, climate or access.

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