By using AI, the solution removes human biases and delivers an accurate and actionable outcome/score at a zip code or municipal or regional level.

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Insurance & Risk Analysts

Insurance risk. Examine insurance risk using various IPCC Climate scenarios. (2020-2040).


Estimate Coastal inundation under different warming scenarios, including wave and surge heights, in US the more vulnerable flood Zones V and A will be expanded because of sea level rise and increased wave heights.

Estimate Probability of landfalling tropical storms. Examine predicted landfall probabilities, for the US (to start with), change with climate models under different change scenarios.

How does climate change impact increased heat?

All of the above will impact an insurer/reinsurers book of business including, property, agriculture, life, marine, etc. ESGAnalytics.Ai will assist in incorporating this risk into underwriting. 

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