By using AI, the solution removes human biases and delivers an accurate and actionable outcome/score at a zip code or municipal or regional level.

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Institutional Investors

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Institutional Investors – ESG Analytics for Fixed Income Investment, Risk Analysis

ESG Analytics for Fixed Income Investment

Derive differentiated ESG Risk analytics at multiple geographies using easy visualizations all in one place.

Filter all ESG risk and easily compare their profiles. 

Data transparency  – Make black box ratings and metrics a thing of the past.

Quantify risk materiality for ESG Issues across asset classes

Gain insights on ESG materiality across asset classes, including municipal bonds, mortgages, and cash investing.

Examine the hot spot of specific ESG impacts

Use our building blocks to create sustainable multi-asset portfolio. Choose the E or S that best suits your target  goals. 

Track monthly or quarterly trends on ESG issues of interest and their outcomes easily

Set alerts to follow issues all in one place.

Use unstructured Social Media data to check public sentiment and relevance of an ESG Issue. (emissions, climate change, social justice, black lives matter, police brutality).

Delivery portfolio performance with ESG data updated daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Easily Incorporate risk metrics into your proprietary investing strategy

Use our validated approach for measuring ESG materiality specific to your investment needs.

Incorporate our ESG data into you existing models through API access or data exports. 

We can list some ESG metrics and show the five start ratings for a state and counties if the user selects one metric

We give country average for racial segregation and county /state of interest here in #

We can list some ESG metrics and show the map of usa – a table of 5 best and 5 worst state or county rankings

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