By using AI, the solution removes human biases and delivers an accurate and actionable outcome/score at a zip code or municipal or regional level.

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Data Features Overview


Environmental data can benchmark long term impacts of a project or investment on the environment. For example, how an industrial site expansion may effect a locality’s air quality. Environmental data can also assess the risks to, and outlook of a local population based on the specifics of the environmental indicators. Some example data includes:

  • Landcover (Forest, urban, protected areas, croplands) and Remote sensing data (MODIS/Landsat/MERIS) available at various resolutions and USGS datasets.
  • Climate (such as temperature and precipitation trends over time).
  • Natural disasters (for example Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme heat, fires) Hazard frequency, mortality, economic losses and trends over time.
  • Environmental threats such as green house gasses and other pollutants.

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Social data comes in all shapes and sizes. Social data helps measure the impacts on vulnerable and minority populations as well as to measure the pulse of other community measures, such as education, employment opportunities, health & wellness, as well as social service availability. Some example data includes:

  • Census data at all levels, e.g. Block level, Zips, metro, CBSA, PMSA, towns, County and state levels.
  • Race composition – one or more races to estimate racial diversity related to family structure, income, education, and other measures.
  • Income & Employment – Details of income related to several variables including age, gender, etc.
  • Housing variables such as outlook and ownership.
  • Commuting patterns such as vehicle ownership, commuting time and distance, Public transport, biking.

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Governance data no longer means just corporate governance measures. A locality’s outlook, tax policies, and management have a strong bearing on long term business outlook and risk analysis. Governance also reflects local priorities such as funding (or de-funding) police departments. Example data includes:

  • Municipal Sewer, Water and waste data such as sewer overflows control facilities, non-point source pollution control projects.
  • Local Tax regulations and investments, such as tax favorability and departmental funding (e.x. police).
  • Power and Utility data–transmission lines, Emission rates, electricity tariffs, NREL and solar potential data.
  • Renewable Energy, including investments, sources and production of green energy.
  • Public Employment Payroll, Revenues.

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Comprehensive Data Sets

Over 500 variables including metadata and qualified federal, state and municipal sources

Multiple Access Methods

Developer API access and data feeds available

Granular Spatial Data

All data linked with spatial maps (from country to parcels) in online self-serve dashboards

Latest Research Methods

Models and projections included from leading researchers and institutions

Data Transparency

No ``black boxes`` or hidden methods around metrics. We provide transparency better risk analysis

AI and Machine Learning Applications

AI driven models available for forecasting and projections


Do Well; Do Good. Our mantra guides our work and R&D. Our team of academics and data scientists develop products and services for institutional investors and other financial services companies that supports risk analysis and outlook at various spatial scales. Our work was born out of our passion for research in sustainable development and conservation around the world. Our research spans diverse topics from ecological impacts of dam development in Southeast Asia, combating Malaria in Africa, to measuring educational outcomes down to the census tract in the US. Our founders have worked in research through Boston University, recently sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, Conservation International, and the National Science Foundation. We deliver academic, science-driven products and analysis to help drive value in risk and outlook analysis.

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