By using AI, the solution removes human biases and delivers an accurate and actionable outcome/score at a zip code or municipal or regional level.

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ESG Analytics is now Floodlight.

Easily access frequently updated “big data” from various sources, including satellites, census, IoT, and social media on one single platform, available as soon as you sign in. Get a holistic view at any census geography - county or zip code level in the US.

Build quick and easy dashboards to visualize robust metrics around ESG issues such as carbon emissions, renewable energy production, social inclusion and sea-level rise. Add bar charts, trend graphs, heat maps, with the click of a button.

Effortlessly integrate these scores with your existing scores to assess relevant fixed income considerations (e.g., liquidity or reduction of risk). Access via API or Online Dashboards.

Are you looking to invest in narrowing educational achievement? Are you trying to improve infrastructure? Each ESG issue requires a specific geography. Eliminate the hassle of geographies. Get a holistic view of your ESG issue at the right geography - county or school district or zip code level in the US.

Select one or many to understand your risks and maximize your investment outcomes. Produce dashboards for one or more ESG issues to see “hot spots” and discover new opportunities.

Where are future job losses due to AI automation? Where are the hotspots of biodiversity, sea level change, or urban sprawl. Discover patterns in the data and transform your investment strategy.

Our Data Sources

The data science revolution has resulted in the use and adoption of ``big data`` and smart analytics in fields ranging from medicine to agriculture. ``Big data`` ushers 5Vs - volume, velocity, value, variety, and veracity in data collection in identifying and managing ESG issues relevant to fixed income investors. However, data transparency and better analytics are key to successful adoption in the fixed income market.

Our ESG Products

For Fixed Income Investors, choose any issue or group of issues and check materiality metrics using easy visualizations. Advanced metrics Include research and focus on specific ESG issues.

Assess local risk & resiliency in terms of climate induced hazards, social vulnerability and property values. Advanced Product: Answer questions through our future climate scenario modeler.

COVID Proofing Investment.<br /> The ongoing Covid-19 crisis is impacting economy and health of the nation. Align your investments to be Covid proof. Consider equity issues in health and wealth of the nation now and into the future as part of your fixed income strategy.

Better inform underwriting and investment portfolios. Examine risks using various IPCC Climate scenario models.

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